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Study determines “beef animals” produce more profit if killed faster

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In the ongoing exploitation of animals, profit is the bottom line.

Farmers Weekly reports that researchers at SRUC in Edinburgh have found that reducing the age of cows to 12 months at their time of slaughter could hike up farm profits. Reduced feed, bedding and labour costs for each animal are cited as factors that can increase profits.

Seven UK abattoirs were studied, and the results calculated the average cost of each life based on breed, the season cows were born, and the system they were killed in. Geneticist Abbygale Moran told FW that “most beef animals are usually finished on 24-month systems, but our research has found that 12 months is actually the optimal time to slaughter beef animals.” I don’t know which is more appalling, that she calls cows “beef animals” or that she calls killing them being “finished” with them. 

The work of Moran and her colleagues means many will consider killing cows on a faster timeline, which would mean more animals could be killed at abattoirs overall. The study ends with hypocrisy, highlighting how 12 month lifespans would produce less greenhouse gas emissions, ignoring that the number of lives would increase to surpass the lengthier predecessors. If reducing co2 is what we’re after, animal agriculture isn’t the way to go about it

It’s not new news that the animal agriculture industry puts a price tag on life, or that they would attempt to package information like this as an “eco friendly” measure. But the bottom line here is that as long as people consider it acceptable to use animals, than their value and worth will always come down to a dollar amount. The only way to object to this exploitation, no matter the length of a cow’s life, is to go vegan. As long as people are driving the demand for beef, farmers will find a way to sell more.

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  • Mahalet M

    That is so messed up.

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