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This Octopus pulled off a badass prison break from his aquarium

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New Zealand’s National Aquarium has been duped by an octopus.

The Toronto Star reports that after living in a tank since 2014, Inky the octopus decided to hightail it to freedom. His daring escape took place under the cover of darkness almost three months ago, but was made public Tuesday. Now, he’s probably far off in the Pacific, weaving his tale of prison break for any sea creatures who’ll listen. I imagine him playing a harmonica as he does.

When a maintenance worker left a gap at the top of his enclosure (no word on if he was bribed by Inky), the cunning invertebrate travelled to a six-inch-wide drain. He then squeezed his football-sized, boneless body into it and slipped away, likely laughing maniacally.

“He managed to make his way to one of the drain holes that go back to the ocean. And off he went,” aquarium manager Rob Yarrall told Radio New Zealand. “And he didn’t even leave us a message.”

On the contrary, I think the message was loud and clear – “stop using animals.” Inky leaves behind his fanbase, a few suction cup prints, and the inspiration for other animals to break-free of their captors. Yarall claims Inky won’t be replaced, but says they’re closely watching another cephalopod in their possession. With a reputation for learning from one another, there’s no telling which drain that creature will end up in.

The lesson here shouldn’t be more tightly-sealed enclosures though, it should be that no animal deserves to be used. If you’re on team Inky, you should also be on team vegan.

Photo from ABC News

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  • vegan truth seeker

    Once more, animals are intelligent beings… I don’t understand why non-vegan idiots still believe they’re entitled to use animals as they see fit!

    If an evolved alien species arrived on Earth (well, actually we’ve never been alone but that’s another story…) they would clearly regard humans as parasitic savages who should be eradicated before they could destroy the planet…

    I for once wouldn’t put up much of a fight because, to me, non-vegan humans who aren’t receptive to change don’t really deserve to be on this planet!

    Go ahead and insult me… like I give a fu**!

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