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Towering Vegan Burger Goes From April Fool’s Joke to Bestseller

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If you built it, they will come.

Good Food reports that Sydney’s Soul Burger attempted to play an April Fool’s Joke, and instead struck vegan gold. The ‘Plantbased Disgrace’ burger, a combination of the restaurant’s entire vegan menu, was shared online in jest. Soon, the restaurant saw a flurry of attention from hungry vegans who were ready to take on the towering, viral challenge.

It started out as an April Fools pisstake on hipster burgers…but the demand got real. We were inundated with messages and calls to the shop to make this absurd creation a reality…so we give you, “The Plantbased Disgrace” #burgermovement #vegan #veganfoodshare #vegetarian #burger

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The 16 fillings include; 100% plant-based sausage, chicken schnitzel, beef patty, battered fish, cheese, herbed mayonnaise, mushrooms, falafel, roasted peppers, pineapple, tomato and lettuce. The monstrosity is stuck with two syringes full of ketchup and mustard-aioli, and stacked on top of a chocolate coconut milkshake.

Owner Amit Tewari came up with this vegan dream, stuffing the entire menu in to one $35 item. “My graphic designer and I thought it would be a great idea to take the piss out of the emerging trend of hipster burgers, so we Photoshopped a made-up burger with our entire menu on it for our monthly ‘Burger of the Month’ special,” he told Good Food.

“We ended up actually putting it on the menu because of the sheer amount of requests. We had people telling us they were booking tickets to Sydney to try the burger, so they needed to know if it was real.”

A photo posted by soulburgerrandwick (@soulburgerrandwick) on

Some may attempt to unlock their jaws to inhale the comfort food, but most simply deconstruct it. The thrill of it arriving stacked to the table is part of the draw, though, something that takes work and a bit of trickery. “We put two spikes through the burgers to hold them up, with straws that go through the syringes to hold them up. We make sure the coconut shake doesn’t actually touch the bread that’s on top of it either. It’s harder than it looks,” Tewari said.

Soul Burger will only keep ‘Plantbased Disgrace’ on the menu until the end of the month, at which time a new monthly burger will be revealed. If this has taught them anything, it’s that they should continue to offer stereotype and waistline destroying options.

Photo from 2HungryGuys

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