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Google Food Trends Report Stuffed with vegan eats

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We already know “vegan” is being searched a ton, but which vegan foods are people looking for most?

Refinery 29 shares the Google Food Trends Report, which looks at which foods people are searching for most and least. Spanning January 2014 to February 2016, the data collected is intended to help restaurants and foodies know what’s in and out in the culinary world. Measuring the year-over-year growth, velocity, and acceleration for each search comprises this hunger inducing list that proves that vegan food is getting to be Fonzie cool.

A cursory glance at the list shows lots of vegan options across the board. In the bite-sized snack trend category, spongy vegan mug cakes made the cut, alongside everyone’s favourite buffalo cauliflower wings (referred to as “bites” in the report). In the ‘Food with Function’ category, searching for health promoting items like turmeric, coconut milk, avocado oil and jackfruit lead the pack. Even our beloved flax egg made the team, something I can never remember the ratio for. Vegan donuts were given a ‘Rising Star’ nod, which keeps us hopeful that more vegan donuts will be available to us soon. And in the dietary restrictions world, vegan cheese jumped 80%, vegan mac and cheese found a 69% growth, and vegan ice cream is the clear winner rising 109%. Move over, dairy.

In the decliners list, bacon is finally stepping down from being all anyone seems to care about, even though pork remains a frequent search. I’ve got my theories about the decline of the pork industry and rise of it’s “trending,” but that’s for another article. Quinoa and kale chips are becoming less and less cool too, but I blame the popularity of all the great vegan junk foods for that. Apparently pasta is back, too, which I’m pretty sure never left.

The look in to food “how to” queries comforted me in knowing I’m not that only one that searches “how to ripen bananas,” or “how to open a coconut” on Youtube. And with more people searching for info on acid reflux and upset stomaches, there’s no doubt more vegan food education is necessary, from tutorials to recipes.

Here’s hoping that as vegan food becomes trendier, so does going vegan.

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