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VIDEO: LovenKill Farms | Humane Meat

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Is it okay to kill animals if they’re given the chance to do hot yoga and wheatgrass shots first?

Check out Mic the Vegan‘s latest video parody, and see how this farmer isn’t convincing anyone that the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act is humane. At LovenKill farms, they’re putting the um….in humane.

Don’t forget to catch Mic live as the MC at our Chicago Vegan Food & Drink Festival. Early bird tickets are still available for a limited time!

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  • A few years ago I listened to a spiel at a high-end steak restaurant that sounded so much like Mic’s he could have used it as the script for his video. I remember I nearly laughed at the waiter (and this was when I still ate meat!). The guy was boasting about how the farm massaged their cows and gave them red wine and played classical music to calm them when they were upset. No kidding (only the hot yoga was missing…).

    As soon as he left, my husband looked at me, puzzled, and asked if it was supposed to make us feel better that they got the cows drunk and marched them to slaughter to the strains of Mozart. To this day I have no idea how that speech was meant to work on customers, but since they repeated it for every guest, I guess it was having its desired effect.

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