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This TIME article says eating vegan is overkill (and it’s wrong)

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Funny how the less violent choice is being called “overkill.”

Time released an article today called “You Asked: Is a Vegan Diet Better?” In it, author Markham Heid explores the health benefits and alleged pitfalls of removing animal products from one’s diet. Allow the propaganda to ensue!

Heid starts by sharing one study from Italy’s University of Florence that linked vegetarian and vegan diets to significantly lower rates of ischemic heart disease and cancer – win. He includes more research that ties vegan diets to healthier guts, gentler menopause symptoms and even lower levels of stress (still riding high). He gives vegans a little more strength by sharing a weight loss study from the University of South Carolina that pitted veganism directly against omnivore and vegetarian diets, coming out on top. Heid says that at this point, veganism is a no brainer. Then, he reverts right back to predictably trashing it.

Returning to the study from Italy – the one that said vegans had lower rates of heart disease and cancer – he says the team found that vegans do not enjoy benefits when it comes to total cardiovascular disease, death from cancer or death from any cause. “Compared to the average American diet, a vegan diet looks very healthy, especially in the short term,” says Loren Cordain, professor emeritus of health and human sciences at Colorado State University. “But in the long-term, there aren’t any clear mortality benefits, and in fact [vegan diets] may be less healthy than diets than include meat.” He admits that Cordain is a Paleo enthusiast, but that doesn’t really explain the contradictions Heid chose to confuse readers with. Vegans have lower rate of heart disease and cancer, but not really? And we might still die? Get out.

Then, just when you think veganism might pull ahead again, iron, zinc, calcium and b12 are brought up to remind us that this isn’t a sound argument against veganism at all. The article launches in to a discussion of obesity that defends meat eating because our ancestors weren’t as obese, and finally it wraps up by recommending you put meat and fish next to your veg. Oh boy.

As usual, the vegan diet is perpetually understood as being one that’s followed without consideration for nutrition. Furthermore, we are made to believe that folks who do eat animal products have their vitamin levels perfectly figured out. When it comes to health, there are endless sources that support the qualities of a well planned vegan diet, and just as many that’ll tell you that chicken breast and eggs are great (shudder).

But it doesn’t matter, really, because choosing veganism is about rejecting the violence society so commonly tries to convince us is the healthy, natural, or better way. It is not “overkill” not to want to kill animals for our pleasure. It’s not only possible to eat an enjoyable, balanced vegan diet, but it’s the only lifestyle where the known effects to animals is eliminated. Being vegan is not about eating better than the person at the table over, it’s about doing everything we can as individuals to fight to end animal exploitation. It’s just a benefit that fruit and veg are naturally better for our health. 

Not only are animal products unnecessary for our best health, but an increasing number health professionals are acknowledging they’re harmful. Reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer, and obesity while eliminating animal exploitation is enough for me. If you agree that animals should be free from use, and are concerned about your health, go vegan.

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  • I_Do_Crossfit

    The only thing that I overkill is the cows, and chickens, and anything else that tastes good on a BBQ

    • DebbieVeganess

      Good, means you’ll leave the planet sooner…

  • Kenza Lynn

    Vegan during 10 years, everything was perfect until I collapsed and ended up with multiple sclerosis symptoms, paralysis and dementia because I was lacking of essential nutriments you can’t find in a natural vegan diet at all. If you need industrial supplements and industrial enriched food to stay healthy, then you are not naturally made for that diet. And that “show compassion” speech has no more effect on me, especially when I observe how cruel nature can be, animals don’t show any compassion when they kill to eat or kill for pleasure, and I don’t feel superior to them, that’s part of a natural instinct.

    • DebbieVeganess

      If this isn’t the biggest sack of doo doo I’ve heard this morning. Tell me how many flesh eaters are dying in hospitals, chest split open, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, osteoporosis. I know many people who have reversed their symptoms eating plant based. Doctors get 10hours of nutritional training and many have not 1 clue about plant based eating. Kaiser Permanente recommends plant based eating for health and advised their 17,000 plus doctors to start working towards this. So Kenza, you’re a loon

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