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World’s first 3-D gummy printer makes vegan candy

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This feels like getting a golden ticket.

The Chicago tribute just shared the news that Dylan’s in Chicago has the world’s first 3-D gummy printer, the Katjes Magic Candy Factory. Oh, and the futuristic treats it’s pumping out is keeping with the times and going vegan.

Liquid candy from a secret vegan recipe is printed and layer after layer, it builds gummy portraits from a long list of more than just your standard bear. Dylan Lauren, founder of Dylan’s Candy Bar, told Chicago Tribune that dolphins, tree frogs, lego drivers, and dinosaurs are all finding popularity.

The process takes 5-10 minutes, and a variety of flavours including Gorgeous Green Apple, Tasty Tropical Blue, and Marvelous Mango are on the menu. A dusting of glitter, sour, or fizzy powder is yours to decide on, adding some pizzazz to the $20 creation. Don’t worry, a social media worthy time-lapse of your creation being printed is part of the price tag.

Lauren told Chicago Tribune this willy-wonky like machine is vegan for a couple reasons; “We created a vegan recipe for the Magic Candy Factory for two reasons: One, we believe in vegetarian-based recipes because they’re accessible to anyone, no matter what your religion or your dietary requirement.  But also a 3-D printer needs to be able to build layers to create shapes and meaningful designs, and our regular gelatin-based recipes take between three to five days to dry. So if we put a regular recipe of gelatin in the machine it would actually print a puddle of nothing.” All we care about is not chewing on real animals while we’re chewing on fruity, purple, gummy ones.

For those who can’t get in to the store, ordering online will be available as of June 6 at dylanscandybar.com.

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