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Another UFC fighter credits veganism for the win

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Nate Diaz isn’t the only vegan in the ring.

MSN shared a clip from Sunday’s UFC 88, in which 32 year-old Abel Trujillo took to the mic following his 15th win. In that brief and fleeting winners interview, he used his airtime to shout “love is the movement, go vegan, do your sadhana with kundalini yoga.” 

The ring announcer went on to probe Trujillo about his diet, that he credits with taking the win. “I feel good. I’ve got more clean energy and better clarity,” he said. Affectionately (and only slightly ironically) nicknamed Killa Trujillo, the athlete is proud to share his views outside of the ring through his social media platforms, too.

Trujillo enjoys telling his audience about the organic, vegan food his uses to fuel his body, like oatmeal, fruit and almond milk for breakfast. As the MSN video highlights, he can also be found tweeting; “let’s stop eating innocent animals! Save our planet Mother Earth, save the animals, and yourself! You will feel better, mind, body & spirit!” It’s great to see this athlete isn’t just encouraging other fighters to take up the diet, but everyone to fight for love, instead. 

 Photo from Full Contact Fighter

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  • Adam Real

    Couple of points. Nate Diaz isn’t technically a vegan. Alex Caceres and Mac Danzig are and great examples of Vegans in MMA. Abel Trujillo has plead guilty twice to domestic violence so please don’t try making him into a posterboy as that’ll bite in the arse later

  • Demar Hahn

    I liked his message. Go Vegan

    • Stephanie

      Wrong…..deb Anderson aka supercunt

      • Demar Hahn

        You’ve lived wrong for so long you have no clue what’s right. Hope you choke on a pc of tortured animal flesh SwampCunt

        • ygmfmh

          look at deb anderson…cellcunt who is morbidly obese LOL….repulsive fat cunt – cancer is coming for you soon! lol

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