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‘Far-Right Nationalists’ throw meat at vegan cafe patrons

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A vegan cafe was attacked this past weekend.

The BBC reports that on Sunday in Tbilisi, Georgia, more than a dozen men stormed into Kiwi Cafe, shouting and throwing meat skewers, sausages, and fish at patrons. A brawl erupted, and the attackers fled before police made it to the scene. Now, the cafe owners are appealing for public support, claiming this wasn’t just in jest, but was a neo-Nazi act of intimidation by far-right nationalists.

Despite the assailants weapons, restaurant patrons believe this was about more than just veganism, citing their acceptance of the LGBT community, and their alternative lifestyles to be further cause for persecution. That idea was supported by the interrogation of several staff members following the attack, and no immidiate pursuit of the extremists.

“We are now living in a type of hell where people are insulted for their different style of dress. They are beaten for having piercings and mocked for not eating meat. What is worse is that the police laugh at us and further aggravate the situation instead of protecting the city’s residents,” witness Ana Gulisashvili said in a Facebook post, as shared by The Telegraph.

Georgia Today says that the Ministry of Internal Affairs issued a statement to local media outlets to say that an official investigation has yet to be launched. Staff and several witnesses were questioned, with many taking to social media to share their experience. The cafe was attempting to have a English movie screening at the time of the attack.

Kiwi Cafe remains open, and asks community members who stand with their beliefs to support them by visiting. It might be difficult for many of us living in growing and diverse vegan communities to imagine these sort of attacks, as anti-vegan intimidation is usually left for online comment sections. It’s important that we reject all forms of human discrimination, and continue in our efforts to uphold nonviolence. 

Photo from Kiwi Cafe’s Facebook Page

*Authors Edit: Quotations were added to the title to reflect that ‘far-right nationalists’ came from the Georgia Today coverage

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  • DerpDerpDerp

    LoL Hey, eat what you like and all that, but that’s funny.

  • Sherry

    omg showing an english speaking movie, who does that??!!!! burn them all!!

  • vegan truth seeker

    This planet would be such a wonderful place without non-vegans!

    Animal abusers (=eaters) are the root of all evil on the planet… without them Earth would be a paradise…

    • Ivor Champer

      You’re the reason people hate vegans, I’m sorry you didn’t fit anywhere in the real world and therefore you fantasise about a world full of those who don’t share your outlook. Why don’t you fuck off to Georgia and join the crusade where it matters!

      • vegan truth seeker

        “you fantasise about a world full of those who don’t share your outlook.”
        You meant “a world full of people who share my outlook”… you can’t even write correctly!

        Typical animal eater… it’s not a matter of personal choice!
        Who gives you the right to kill animals? Do you think you’re superior to them?
        Where’s the choice of animals to live free and in peace?

        What if an advanced extraterrestrial species were to arrive on Earth and decide humans are a barbaric plague that must be eliminated?
        If they were more advanced and could dominate us, then, in the same line of reasoning of animal eaters, they would have every right to exterminate humans!

        Get off your pedestal, your life matters less to the planet that the life of a bee!!!

        I will proudly continue to be a loud ethical vegan and those who hate vegans like me have a very low level of evolution…

        • Ivor Champer

          Bit of housekeeping, you’re correction is indeed correct, that is what I meant and failed to communicate it. But you understood me, so not much lost there. I hope my getting that wrong made you feel superior enough that your sexual fluids seeped a little. And I hope no animals were hurt by this.

          I too am an animal! And remember apart from all the aliens and what not. You live in our world, you’re the angry one, the ‘truth seeker’ the one that hates the status quo. The one that in this world you are so wholly defined by your diet its your chosen name. Maybe more people would listen to the sound arguments if they weren’t spilling from the mouths of quinoa inhaling, hate-filled, farting, genocidal fantasist cunts like you. If you feel the lambs pain, then this pleases me, as it proves you’re an idiot. If you don’t like it don’t do it. Now in the spirit of reciprocity, ‘low-level of evolution’ is a nonsense statement. Now I shall bid you adieu as I wander off to prepare for a large fire where a bunch of like minded idiots will indulge the vast consumption of needlessly murdered flesh which on the whole is far from healthy and cooked in the most carcinogenic way in order to further reduce our life expectancy but increase our life enjoyment.
          But we’ll be safe in the knowledge that world you want will never happen your lifetime. And by the way, I don’t hate you or vegans, I don’t know you. Who knows maybe I’d even love you. But calling for death of those that disagree with you isn’t the smartest way to go about converting. But there really is something insufferable about the proselytising and all the anger that seems to come with herbivory. Now next time you orgasm think of me, with a pork chop hanging out my mouth. Lots of love Ivor xxx

          • Ivor Champer

            Oh and my life is more important than a bee’s, and so is your’s. Maybe not you, maybe you really would like a stranger sat who knows where to die and a bee to live. But I wouldn’t I wouldn’t see you die and a bee live. I’m sorry if you feel otherwise. I could go out today and kill all the bees I want. I wouldn’t want to, but I could. Peace

          • DebbieVeganess

            Without that bee your life ceases to exist. What a F’n moron

          • Ivor Champer

            Which bee? Bee nice?

      • DebbieVeganess

        And you’re the reason other sentient being HATE you. I hope you choke on that next pc of tortured, dismembered body you stuff down your cancer laden body

        • Ivor Champer

          Let us meet and make sweet salad, Debbievaginosis!

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