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lobby joe the lobster went on an epic adventure from grocery store to ocean

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It’s a story fit for an animated feature-length movie.

The Guardian tells the tale of Lobby Joe, a lobster that was rescued and transported a great distance to freedom. A vegan Canadian named Christine Loughead saw the lobster alone in a supermarket in Ontario, and decided to take action. She purchased the lobster for $20.23 (CDN), unsure of what she’d do next.

After bestowing him with a catchy name, cutting off the bands from his claws, and soothing him with a “you are now not dinner” mantra, he found temporary reprieve in a saltwater tank in Loughead’s home. Then, the internet would step in. After some research, Lobby Joe was believed to have been originally stolen from Nova Scotian waters. Finding an online vegan community nearby, Loughead connected with Beth Kent, the founder of a local animal shelter in Bridgewater near Halifax.

From there, a six-hour drive would take Lobby Joe to a courier, who would then take the crustacean another 24 hours away. Approximately 3,000 kilometres, $412 dollars, and one carefully packed styrofoam box later, and Lobby Joe was released in to a small cove. I imagine Joe sharing the tale of adventure with any fish who’ll listen.

Loughead says the experience was worthwhile, and there’s no denying Lobby Joe would echo the sentiment. “It’s a food animal to [most] and it’s not an attractive animal, but I tell people to close their eyes and picture something cuter waiting to die in the deli section,” she told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. “I’m pretty sure you’d have an impulse to do something.”

We applaud the efforts of Loughead to make a difference, and encourage all those who are thinking “I want to save my own Lobby Joe,” to do so by going vegan.

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