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I won’t applaud Perdue, they’re still killing chickens

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Recently, activists applauded the end of chicken culling. Now, the gang is throwing their support behind the addition of windows and hay bales in poultry production coops. Still, chickens are being killed, and we shouldn’t support it.

Forbes and Huffington Post have jumped on the news that American chicken producers Perdue are going to “improve” the lives of chickens before killing them and exploiting their dead carcasses. As the fourth-largest poultry producer in the US, it should come as no surprise that they hope to jump on the animal welfare bandwagon in attempt to become the third-largest poultry producer in the the US. 

The theory here is that giving chickens more space, windows, and props that encourage activity will somehow dissolve guilt from the minds of people who are then paying to have them killed to be eaten. They’re far from the first, with many taking advantage of how “cruelty free” and “humane” labels are being consistently misinterpreted by the masses. While everyone can agree that less suffering is always better than more suffering, supporting an organization to create less suffering instead of none sends the wrong message to them, and the consumers who keep them in business. If it’s consumers who are leading the change that has companies paying attention to animal treatment, we can certainly lead the change for companies to pay attention to ending animal use altogether instead.

Evidently, these industries are learning the hard way that cramped quarters make sick chickens, and that sick chickens lead to a loss of sales. So conveniently, they can package this change to scream “humane treatment,” when it’s productivity they’re after. But they continue to promise “transparency” while slowly testing the water on the production end, and reaping the social status in the interim. Oh, and they’ll try to convince people stunning chickens before killing them makes them somehow better people, too. It doesn’t. In a human context, we’d never support a “better” way to kill. 

Anyone who cares about the lives of chicken should go vegan. The exploitation of these animals, and all others, continues only to satiate the taste preferences of consumers, something huge lists of alternatives are available to do. Rather than celebrating changes to the production line that allows humans to exploit the lives of animals, make the choice to go vegan and do your part in ending animal use altogether.

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