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The world’s strongest vegan is our #workoutwednesday inspiration

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CNN finally discovered the badass strongman of the vegan world, Patrik Baboumian. 

The German bodybuilder is perhaps one of our favourite vegan superheroes, swooping in when the skinny and weak stereotypes of chowing down on plant-based foods comes along. His self-proclaimed former dairy addiction saw him indulging in 10 litres of cow’s milk a day and is now his opportunity to vouch for soy milk, once again reminding folks with the most hardened food addictions that there’s always a vegan counterpart worth subbing.

“We have areas in the world where there is not enough food for people and I think it’s obscene to use all these resources we have to produce something your body doesn’t actually need,” he told CNN.

When he’s not flexing for the camera, or being praised for his seriously cool facial-do, Baboumian is proud to encourage others to give veganism a shot. He says his motivation is in helping animals, the environment, and future generations, and that four weeks is all anyone needs to join team vegan. And if lifting like Baboumian is a goal of yours on top of that, it’s time to stock up on more than just veggies.

“Most people think if you are vegan you eat just green stuff, you just eat salad and lettuce and veggies the whole day … I’m eating beans, legumes, lentils and peas and rice and potatoes and a lot of things that have calories to give me the energy to do what I do,” he told CNN.

And the results of his powerhouse eating?

“I got heavier, I got stronger, I won the European championship title in powerlifting, I broke three world records so everything was going perfect … my blood pressure went down, and my recovery time was so much faster so I could train more.”

Head over to the CNN website for a short video of Baboumian explaining veganism in his own words. If you’re looking for us, we’ll be at the weight rack channeling our inner vegan bodybuilder and slamming back tetra packs of chocolate soy milk.

Photo from Baboumian’s Facebook Page

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