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Apparently donkey milk is the next fad, and it’s equally as gross as cow’s milk

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Okay, I’ve been avoiding this one, but the google alerts keep piling up.

Over the past few days, I’ve seen a number of news outlets sharing that donkey milk is going to be a new dairy craze and to get on the bandwagon quickly. In a strange sort of “I’ll pretend it’s not weird if you do” game of chicken, everyone is racing to convince everyone else that the nutrients and alleged benefits of using donkeys to soup up our cereal outweighs the discomfort people have in picturing their beloved white beverage coming from the teet of another mammal. Seriously, what’s next, goat’s milk? Wait.

Everyone and their mom is claiming donkey milk is lower in fat, contains inflammation-reducing fatty acids, and is closer to mimicking human milk than cow’s. But not drinking dairy is a surefire way to cut fat and inflammation, not to mention the only way to avoid participating in the exploitation of an animal. Of course no one is picturing donkey’s being next in line for the rape rack, or if male donkey babies will start being served up as “veal” if the industry grows and there’s no use for them. Instead, our own afflictions like asthma, eczema, and psoriasis are the focus – and some people are calling donkey milk a “magic” cure for all three. But donkey skin care products and donkey milk cheese already exist, so this falls somewhere between an old-timey snake oil pitch and a new age social media marketing campaign to get these products off the dusty shelves they reside on. Who knows, maybe donkey milk will be as effective as that “flat tummy tea” I keep reading about (oh brother).

And while we may act like asses from time to time, none of this “new” nutritional information changes the fact that humans do not need or benefit from stealing milk from a mother other than their own. While the industry scrambles to keep exploiting animals in an effort to spare humans with “allergens” to what cow’s produce, I’m still wondering why everyone hasn’t just picked up one of the thousand non-dairy options already flooding store shelves. Side-note, i’m currently obsessed with Califia Farms and hope they come to Canadian shelves soon.

Look Yahoo, Huffington Post, Fox News, all of you. Please stop challenging people to go off in the comment sections about whether or not it’s “gross” to drink a different kind of mammal milk. For anyone stirring dairy creamer in to their morning brew who reads your posts and thinks “YUCK,” it’s time to be sharing some more vegan literature. This feels like Yulin all over again, and we need this speciesist consumerism to end. Our natural apprehension to relying on an animal for sustenance that isn’t a cow, chicken, or pig should help us make the connection that it’s no different to take from one living being or another.

So unless you’re on team vegan, you could be buying donkey milk soon. End all animal exploitation, and stop suckling from anyone else’s mother, by going vegan.

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  • Two weeks ago EuroLactis sold/bribed HuffPost to run one of their generic press releases as “news”. This is why there were some many copy-pasta #donkeymilk stories last week, “journalists” are lazy and gullible. 🙁

    • Donkeys are even less-suited to be “dairy animals” than cows. EuroLactis tries this “social promotion” every six months or so. Journalists covering this story should ask questions not only about the methods of production and treatment of these animals, but also should ask: How many donkeys are now in the world? If the Chinese are consuming +2M donkeys a year, to the point that Chinese hide-traders are buying poached hides from criminal gangs all over the world, what is the tipping point for extinction of donkeys?

      • Interested parties can follow “Donkey Rescue World” on Facebook for daily international articles on global donkey welfare issues. 🙂

  • Steve Ayres

    I like eating animals, so NO, I WON’T go vegan; and every time someone tells me to, I go out and buy more meat, eggs, and milk. Animals are TASTY!

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