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Kat Von D Beauty to go 100% vegan

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There are vegans who care about contouring, too.

Glamour Magazine shared the news that Kat Von D is working on transitioning her makeup line from partially to fully vegan. Originally announced in a Laika Magazine interview, the well known artist said that eliminating the use of ingredients like beeswax and carmine (dye from beetles) will take the line to her ultimate 100% vegan and cruelty free goals.

“When I launched [the line,] I was not sober; I was not vegan yet. So I had no idea about ingredients in formulation,” she told Laika Magazine. “I would always think it was funny when brands would be like, ‘Oh, we’re vegan.’ Yeah, well, you don’t eat lipstick. [I was] super ignorant, you know?”

Commonly a later step in many people’s transition to veganism than say cutting out eating cheese or wearing leather, vegan makeup fiends know all too well that struggle of finding fashion forward vegan products. Previously, the Kat Von D Beauty line came branded with a helpful #veganalert for the variety of tattoo liners and concealers that were already vegan without the need for reformulation. For products that aren’t animal-free, it goes one of two ways;

“We have been reformulating anything that had carmine in the past, and if we can’t reformulate, we just throw them out,” she said. “I can live without a purple eye shadow, it’s fine.”

And while the brand has always proudly labelled all of it’s items “cruelty free forever” in regards to animal testing, we know what’s in the product is just as important. We’re looking forward to further coveting all that Kat Von D Beauty produces, and being able to do so without additional label hunting.

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