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Whole Foods Launches a 100% Vegan Burger Bar with Beyond Meat

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Remember those burgers being sold in the butcher counters at Whole Foods? Now they’re being prepared at an in-store burger bar in Boulder, Colorado too.

Latest Vegans News has us all wishing we all lived closer to this particular chain, after sharing the menu for this Beyond Meat fuelled dream. Whole Foods Boulder is stacking the popular Beyond Burger patties high at an all-vegan burger and milkshake bar (simply named The Beyond Burger) that is no doubt going to get more than just grocery shoppers lining up.


Photo from Beyond Meat’s Facebook Page

The Beyond Burger is 100% vegan, GMO, soy, and gluten-free patties are primarily comprised of pea protein. They’re being sold here as double or single, dressed in standard burger attire, but with the fabulous addition of  Ninja Squirrel Sriracha and an optional cheese slice care of crowd-favourite ‘Chao’ by Field Roast. The burgers are in good company, with Gardein chicken and fish sandwiches, Rolling Green millet “tater” tots, and sweet potato hush puppies also on the menu.


Menu from Latest Vegan News

“We love when we can offer shoppers delicious, high quality options that meet their dietary preferences, but still offer all the enjoyment and fun of conventional dishes,” Whole Foods spokesperson McKinzey Crossland told LVN. “Whole Foods Market is all about sharing the love and joy of food, and we want to do that with dishes that are delicious as well as healthy,” she added.

The smell of this burger bar alone will likely promote the sale of this raved about vegan burger alternative and others like it. Here’s hoping the burger bars success will promote more openings to other locations, especially for hungry Canadians like us.

Photo from Inc.

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  • HumanAnimal

    Nice Whole Food promotion. WWGFS? What would Gary Francione say? How odd that one of your writers was fired for not being “abolitionist” enough because she linked to non abolitionist sources and you attempted to discredit her, but here you are directly promoting the Champions of Happy Exploitation.

    • V

      There’s a clear difference of promoting WF for their animal exploitation, and praising good actions such as this. A 100% vegan burger bar is vegan, I’d love to support this, but not that “happy meat” bullshit.

  • Alafair Robicheaux

    regardless of all the controversies this is a great idea i hope it takes off

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