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Vegan CEO takes out an ad against Trump in the New York Times

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You like Hampton Creek mayo, but get ready to love it’s CEO.

Quartz reports that on July 17, 2016, a one page ad in the New York Times titled ‘Dear Donald’ was run by Josh Tetrick, the CEO of the Hampton Creek vegan empire. Appropriately published a day before the start of the Republican National Convention, Tetrick spent somewhere around the reported $193,171 average for the coveted newspaper space in hopes of inspiring readers. It read:

Americans are frustrated and angry and scared. You’ve channeled this into your nomination. Americans are also good. We’re generous and courageous and kind. That’s what you’ve missed. A single mom in Birmingham who taught her son how to rise while respecting women. The Toledo autoworkers fighting to protect the jobs of their immigrant brothers. And the families of faith in Little Rock who believe in lowering taxes without lowering their values. This is who we are. And this is why your campaign will break down. Your campaign doesn’t just seem wrong. It feels un-American. To support it would make me less of myself, less of my grandpa’s grandson, less of my mom’s son. Turning away from you is a way to say who we are.

You may be giving a standing ovation at home, and we don’t blame you. Tetrick signed the ad with his name and personal phone number, so that other’s could reach him. When Quartz caught up with him, he spoke of wanting to inspire dialogue and efforts from other business leaders. “When you have a campaign that doesn’t lift up African Americans, when you have a campaign that wants to deport Hispanics … to me, when you call it how it is, that is un-American,” he also told them. “That’s why I wanted to say something.”

Who knew a vegan condiment could lead to compassion far past your next sandwich? Bravo.


Image of the ad provided to Quartz by Josh Tetrick

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  • sum gy

    what a joke. While Mr. T. lacks a bunch of positive qualities, he also possesses a number of other ones that we’ve forgotten. This CEO might be getting some poor nutrition.

  • Dylan Wentworth

    Not a good business decision and a waste of money. He should have used that space to promote his mayonnaise instead of duplicate but one of tens of millions of anti trump taking points. A lackluster one at that. Or he should have used that money to buy some of our crooked lawmakers to protect his business against the onslaught from the companies trying to run him out of business. And look at all that white space.
    He could have skipped a couple of other ads in there. Or at least he could have bought a nice car.

    • Vaalea D

      you are wasting your time… complaining about him wasting his money.. how ironic.

      • Rick R

        Ironic Vaalea that you say he is wasting his time. As a business owner and entrepreneur, I would not waste any of my companies resources to purchase anything from a company that any of their senior staff, or ownership tries to make a political statement such as this. The reason being is that the we the entrepreneurs and regular business owners have customers that do not wish to lose those customers if they were to discover that we might be representing products or services from someone with political views/agenda that contrast from the customer’s own. Yes he may be wealthy, and may not care about this now, but his company has stockholders that may not share his views, and will eliminate those stocks from their portfolios. Just ask Target how a political agenda that although may be correct, does not always agree with everyone’s political pallet, which in turn relates to investor’s stock value, which lead to those who voice the opinion to sometimes being relieved from duties at one’s own company. Sound financial advise to some that choose to stick their ideological “foot in thier political mouth”, is that sometimes it is better to “think it, but keep it to yourself….”. Now since you have chosen to insult this person, did you take into account that repercussions of an act such as took place has ramifications as he said, or did you just decide to just overload you mouth by sticking your foot in it as well? I believe you already know the answer to that. And before you say it, I could care less who wins. The political system in this country is a joke, and will never change.

        • Vaalea D

          The OP said he should have bought a car with the ad (which nowhere says Hampton Creek), rather than speak out. Josh has gained many loyal customers over this, life is about more than money. The economic system in this country is a joke. I despise the sentiment that you must somehow remain neutral at all times in order to remain in business. We are not mindless drones, work is not our hallowed religion. The OP is wasting his time complaining and so are you.

          • Rick R

            So that is the reason you are trying to justify cutting someone down that you do not know with thoughtless rants to justify your opinion? And now you have done it again to me? Lol you must ask permission from CNN before you speak quite often don’t you? Sometimes it is better to bite your tongue and keep an opinion to yourself than to act as if you are intelligent in trying to cut someone down. He had the right to put his distinctive thoughts out there, but just because you do not agree with someone doesn’t mean that you should stick your foot in your mouth by passing along insults due to the fact that someone else’s thought process does not match your own. Try letting others have a comment every once in a while and not degrade their opinions. I am sure that social media has programmed you to think that you must insult everyone these days, but trust me when I say that sometimes it is better just to be quiet than to show your true IQ which in this matter you have unfortunately demonstrated is quite low…

          • Vaalea D

            So I’m “insulting” you both, you who are insulting Josh Tetrick, and my IQ is quite low?? lol.

  • Mo Brock

    Thank you, Josh Tetrick!!

  • AlpineJim

    The phenomenon of Tyrantosaurus rump (T. rump) is the new species of politician that is a GMO Frankenstein of the Republican Party and crash-and-burn capitalism. T. rump is only the first of a breed of monsters created by Wall Street greed mixed with guns-and-god ignorance. It might be enough, combined with incredible nuclear capabilities, to end civilization. If T. rump doesn’t do it, one of his ideological offspring might. The genie is out of the bottle.

  • Doc

    It’s clueless morons like this that ruin the reputation of vegans. It’s hard trying to hide you’re a vegan, for the health only, because of so many vegan liberals in it for everything else that you don’t want to be associated with.

  • Nonconformant

    Just another company to add to Trump supports boycott list. Best to keep your mouth shut his dedicated Millions will hurt you

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