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Oh good, KFC made chicken scented sunscreen

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In the ongoing exploration of how detached people have become from the animals they exploit, we find KFC crispy chicken sunscreen. You read that correctly.

Apparently, the odour of seasoned deceased carcasses isn’t just one that beckons people to the dinner table, because it’s now being used as a cheap marketing ploy. The simple idea of smelling like the colonel’s secret blend of death, grease, and salt is to me, the epitome of gross. But hey, it’s free, so you know people have already brought about it’s obsolescence. 3,000 bottles have been given away since Monday, along with a flurry of social media attention.

I know the vegans reading this already have their brows as furled as mine – it’s the non-vegans I want to ask about this insanity. Is the idea of being told you smell like chicken exciting? Would anyone be in the market for crispy human scented anything? Yes, it’s speciesism. And yes, even if chickens aren’t directly harmed in the creation of the product, this isn’t helping the perpetuation that using billions of them is in anyway a necessity, let alone something “cool” to do. Not to mention the absurdity of protecting our skin while celebrating the breading of another’s. 

One Cosmopolitan employee gave it a test run, and prefers the souvenir to the experience. They described the scent changing from in the bottle to being on skin, something that feels a bit too much like KFC testing out ‘Soylent Green‘ if you ask me. First, nail polish, now sunscreen…if they put out a bath bomb next, I’m certain they’re just basting people so they can be the first chain to serve free-range human meat. But if people really want to experience what it’s like to be a KFC chicken, they’ll have to ask the colonel for the opportunity to endure forced-moulting, debeaking, starvation, and death, as well.

If people aren’t already sickened by the animal products that are lurking in their skincare, I’m not surprised that the novelty of being one of the chosen few patsies to be a free brand ambassador for the chain was absolutely devoured. At least the stinky sunscreen is another helpful warning sign that the person using it is not someone with the good judgement you’d recommend a day at the beach with.

Product Photo from Yahoo

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