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Bieber makes fans buy him milk, and buy milk in general

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I think we’ve all done something because someone we idolized was in to it. For me, anything my big sister liked was crucial for me to like too.

So when Fuse TV shared a piece of hard hitting journalism on Justin Bieber and his obsession with cow’s milk, I couldn’t help but cringe. While it’s no coincidence that the singer publicly shares his enthusiasm for baby cow growth formula, and is in fact the likely product of a killer endorsement deal, I can’t help but wonder if these rag-mag outlets understand the role they play in furthering the promotion.

The whole story here is that Bieber ordered four cartons of milk at a trip to a Subway restaurant, couldn’t get his plastic to work, and had a fan pay for them. But what follows is an in-depth look at all the other opportunities Bieber had to partner with the dairy industry. Before he outgrew his iconic hairdo, he took “the milk challenge” on Youtube, appeared on the side of milk cartons, and even threw up on stage having chugged milk before the performance (a bad omen maybe). For those following along with the Bieber Dairy Home Game, there’s absolutely no doubt that he’s been a paid to participant in trying to keep kids on the white stuff.

Oh, I hear some of you begging me to stop picking on my nation’s idol despite the fact he incorrectly claims that drinking milk is a “Canadian thing.” My issue only partly lies with him, as evil endorsements are an industry much bigger than him. My more prevalent qualm is with the news outlets that play dumb to the deals and share the stories. Why are they pretending Justin really, truly loves the stuff? Could they be getting a piece of the metaphorical pie, too? It’s got illuminati written all over it.

On the bright side, seeing things like this reminds me that the industry still relies on shelling out big bucks and hosting these transparent scams to stay relevant. I hope Bieber fans won’t take to cartons in his honour, or support his phoney-habit going forward. Maybe they’ll think of the baby, baby, baby cows (yes, that was a reference to his awful music). 

Hopefully, like the less flattering styles I mimicked from my sister, Beliebers will get the facts about the dairy industry and go vegan. Or maybe Almond Milk’s fame will reach celebrity status and overtake dairy thanks to Starbucks, everyone’s real favourite celeb. 

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