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Piers Morgan thinks tween hunter is worse than he is

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Everyone seems pretty excited about Piers Morgan being able to burn a 12-year-old hunter, and is forgetting the animals he’s responsible for exploiting himself.

In a recent interview on Good Morning Britain, as shared by the Mirror, Morgan spoke to infamous trophy hunter and pre-teen Aryanna Gourdin. After photos of the young killer posing next to her triumphs circulated online, she has been the obvious target (get it) of animal rights activists everywhere. More confusingly, she’s been on the shit-list of all sorts of non-vegans who think killing a majestic giraffe is worse than all of the murder on their plates, in their closets, in arenas, and so on.

In the interview, Morgan asks the girl if she’d be okay with him celebrating the slaughter of her pet cat, were he to go to her home, kill it, and parade it on Facebook. His remarks show his disgust and discomfort with the slaughter she does, and looks to tie the life of her own domesticated animals with the lives of the wild animals she’s proud to take down. In essence, it appears to be a great argument as to the fundamental justice all animals deserve, and not just the trophy animals society gives higher significance to. However, it comes across as one non-vegan making a spectacle of another non-vegan for doing a non-vegan thing. Confusing, I know. Would Morgan be comfortable with her shooting cows instead?

Of course I don’t think it’s right to hunt zebras, bears, or other exotic wildlife, but to pretend Aryanna is taking part in something much worse, or much more frivolous than what the average animal exploiter does, is wrong. Is it necessary for her to kill animals, post their carcasses on Facebook, or where a “stand up to anti hunter bullying” t-shirts? Of course not (and imagine a stand up to anti racist bullying t-shirts). But is it any more necessary for Morgan to put some milk in his coffee or wear a wool suit on air? Nope! So Morgan (and others who think like him) assigns which animals are okay to kill, and which deserve our protecting.

The entire thing is pretty ridiculous. This girl would no sooner agree with Morgan on air than her dad would let her make her own decisions (seriously, dad). Yes, it’s hard to believe people want to cuddle one animal and kill another, but this tween isn’t responsible for societies dizzying morals. It’s not a good excuse to be a hunter, as there are none, but it feels a bit more plausible than the middle aged journalist who’s ignoring the slaughter happening everyday to appease him, in an effort to shame someone else for doing similar actions.

To the vegans sharing this, hypothetically killing her pet won’t help her make the connection to veganism, or any of the viewers at home. Instead, it’ll bring about another pointless “end hunting” narrative, when it’s all animal use that activists ought to focus on. Targeting hunters won’t serve vegans, non-vegans, or the animals being hunted. Working towards a vegan future through education will. 

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