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We’ll take our Banana Milk Coffee vegan, please

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There’s a new trend to bother your barista about, and it’s getting more attention than everyone’s favourite pumpkin spice brew.

Refinery 29 shares the new concoction coming out of a trendy Brooklyn coffee house, called J+B Design + Cafe. Banana Milk Coffee is being heralded as the new “it” drink, a great beverage for those who can’t decide between a coffee and a smoothie on their way to work. It’s closer to being the love child of an iced coffee and latte, but we’re going to pretend the banana makes it one of our five-a-day.

The order starts with New Orleans-style cold brewed coffee that’s made Japanese-style, double strength and diluted over ice. Then, banana is blended with milk (here’s where you’d ask for your favourite vegan non-dairy milk) and simple syrup to make a creamy addition that’s added on top. The resulting union is described as being a rich, sweet addition to your usual order. Manager Fumio Tashiro is to blame for the idea that’s driving the food world bananas, and is happily selling 50 a week at his shop. At the time of publishing, Tashiro hasn’t responded to how many are made vegan daily, or which milk he recommends as a substitute. 

Our easy alternative for those who can’t hop on a bandwagon to Brooklyn, or for anyone who’s still working on their 2016 resolution to not dish out $5 on coffee everyday, is making your own banana milk. I don’t think enough people jumped on to the banana milk trend from earlier this year, but it’s the fastest way to say you’ve tried this trend. Those without a blender to their name can partake by ordering packaged vegan banana milk online. 

After all, anything milk can do non-dairy milk can do better!

 Photo from Eater

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