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Dairy Brand Hates on Vegans (what’s new?)

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For some reason, insulting vegans isn’t a played out gimmick yet.

In Australia, a dairy company has decided that billboards are a great way to get a jab in at those who don’t exploit cows or support it being done for them. OAK, who’s already bizarre “Kill Hungry Thirsty” tagline is brazen and aggressive, took things a step further by publishing an ad for chocolate milk that read “Hungry Thirsty is pathetic, just like a vegan sausage”. Uh oh, our sausages have made them insecure. 

Naturally, Facebook has become the battlefield for vegans to sound off on as to why this is wrong, only to be further berated and criticized by those taking the side of OAK (ie: staunch anti-vegans). I kind of love reading comments that encourage OAK to keep up this pointless fight, as it’s clear the decline in dairy support from youth makes so many uncomfortable with the idea of change and is fuelling these targeted campaigns. I get it, hating vegans is one of the few PC, “cool” ways to hate on people left, but it shouldn’t be.

Having a prejudice against vegans shouldn’t be tolerated, because the same discrimination applied to other groups wouldn’t be. While many are clinging to the flat “freedom of speech” argument, they’re forgetting that this isn’t one person saying they don’t like vegans; it’s a company, an industry, and the people who approved the ad for public spaces reminding us we’re a minority. We wouldn’t call an ad that insulted homosexuals, women, or a religious group free speech, but based on the action and reactions, vegans don’t count yet. It’s bullying, and there’s no humour in it unless putting people and animals down makes you laugh.

While the whole thing screams publicity stunt, the brand has apparently taken down the ad after receiving this flood of complaints, and duh – tons of publicity. Of course, it will be a while longer before their derogatory comment is forgotten. Some people are requesting they use this to leverage the launch of vegan products, but I think a vegan sausage brand should take the opportunity to proudly shout out instead.

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  • vegan truth seeker

    But aren’t you in favor of being nice, polite and trying to educate people always in a very peaceful way?

    this is what happens… some vegans are so concerned about being considered extremists that they become ‘vegan-peace-and-love-hippies’ who are afraid to hurt the feelings of non-vegans!

    the people on the other side of the barricade, and let’s not fool ourselves because this is war and there’s us vegans versus them non-vegans, don’t care if they insult or hurt us or if they incite violence against us.

    ads like this one are just the tip of the iceberg… ‘Whoreywood’, for instance, uses tv shows and films to promote an incredibly negative image of vegans and vegan food, whether by portraying us as weirdos, extremists, intolerant in-your-face people, hippies, arrogant, and vegan food as tasteless or tasting so bad that it’s inedible.

    the animal industry uses all the means available to them to attack veganism and vegans and to promote animal products as necessary and healthy.

    meanwhile billions of animals are being slaughtered while many animal rights activists fight among each other… ridiculous!

    • Elizabeth Collins

      And this article is….what? Not good enough of a response for you? To ‘nice and polite and ‘very peaceful’? Why, because it doesn’t stoop to name calling and stupid ridiculous ad hominem methods like the quoted industries? Is that what you are seriously suggesting? That we become like them? No thanks. Great response Eva. I will stick with not becoming a parody of ourselves and stooping to the low pathetic levels of the vegan backlash movement. It’s a worry anyone would even consider that to be the right way to go.

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