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This University has it’s own plant-based food counter

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Many of us probably don’t look back at the days of eating on a University meal plan fondly. For the students of Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, that’s changing.

Amidst the typical cold dairy-cheese and meat topped pizza and bagged chip offerings one would expect in a cafeteria, there now exists “Pitchforks,” a plant-based counter catering to the vegans of the University (and anyone who likes cupcakes). The counter is serving up veggie burgers, tempeh sandwiches, hummus platters, and desserts to the nearly 4,000 students who are searching for brain food between classes.

I have always been proud of this school and my undergrad program and now graduate. But this, the fact that the only fully vegan spot in Buffalo to my knowledge is in Canisius’ dining hall, takes it to the next level.

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“The Pitchforks eatery has been a big hit with our graduate students, most of whom prefer vegetarian or vegan fare,” Paul Waldau, professor and Director of Anthrozoology Graduate Program, told Veg News. “This development is part of a wonderful trend to responsible eating—measured by something other than human health alone.” We hope that “something other” is the desire not to exploit animals!

While we hope these students see the new offering as a way to adopt veganism and not just a plant-based “lifestyle,” it’s good to know that demand is breeding better options in unlikely places. Now, maybe more students will skip the pop and Oreos phase, although it’s kind of a right of passage at this point. 

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