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VIDEO- Animal Rights Movement: Moving Backwards

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Is veganism a moral issue? Are single issue campaigns effective?

On August 12th, 2016, Gary Francione spoke at George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario to kick off the Toronto Vegan Food & Drink Festival. Watch the video above for his lecture on what’s holding the animal movement back, and how The Abolitionist Approach can help propel it forward. A questions and answers period follows his speech and expands on the views of the movement at large.

*Please note that edit made to the Q&A session was to remove a lecture attendee that did not wish to appear on camera. Professor Francione and the guests with whom he answered questions have remained unedited.

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  • vegan truth seeker

    An image/video is worth more than a thousand words…

    I watched the entire video, I agree with a lot of things Mr. Francione talks about and I am 100% an apologist of ending all animal use, however, I have to disagree with a few things.

    Violence vs. non-violence – adopting a non-violent approach is not always possible nor the best thing to do:
    – if I see someone abusing an animal and urge them to stop immediately but they continue doing it I’m not just going to go away, and so using violence against them may be the only way to save the animal;
    – some nations like Japan insist on slaughtering whales despite all international pressure against it and so far pretty much only Sea Shepherd has been able to prevent them from doing it, so, do you think they should stop it and let them continue slaughtering thousands of whales?
    – do you know which African countries have been more successful in fighting poaching (namely elephants and rhinos)? Those that have special armed units, most of them with military personnel, with a shoot-on-sight approach! In some areas their success rate has been 100%, which means no animals were killed by poachers. Also, right now a lot of poaching is done by armed groups (some of them with hired mercenaries) who will shoot anyone who tries to stop them. So, do you think it’s possible to reason with them? Do we do nothing while these species are driven to extinction?
    – I’m sorry but I am all for burning to the ground slaughterhouses, lab tests, and any facility where animals are abused and killed;
    – what about the Civil Rights Movement lead mainly by Martin Luther King? Although their actions were non-violent they knew they would provoke a violent reaction from white racist people. Isn’t inciting violence a form of violence itself? Where do we draw the line in what’s violence and what’s not? So, this is not all black or white… no pun intended!

    Undercover investigations aren’t even open for debate – Earthlings is mainly made with videos from undercover activists and we all agree that this documentary has made countless people go vegan.

    Regarding the Animal rights organizations that are focused on Welfare I knew they were a big business, just like big humanitarian NGOs or religions… – unfortunately they’re all big profitable businesses –, but I wasn’t aware they were so deeply in bed with the animal industry and that made me change my opinion about them! Eff them!

    Nevertheless, and this is one big issue I have with what I call abolitionist purists is that they focus too much on criticizing other animal rights people who aren’t vegan or don’t promote veganism while, in my opinion, they should be focusing all their energy on fighting and exposing the animal industry for what it is and then educate people on veganism.
    Yes, they should expose what’s wrong in the animal rights movement, however they shouldn’t focus almost exclusively on that but instead on showing people the truth about the animal industry and help them go vegan.

    How I wish humans would open their eyes, realize the evil they’re doing to each other, to animals, and to the environment and change their ways…
    How I wish humans would open their eyes and realize that 7 billion people are being ruled by a handful of a few thousand (if that much) of psychopaths who control every aspect of our lives… we have everything to be free, however we give them power by buying into the lies they push down our throats, like needing to buy crap we actually don’t need, getting into debt and working jobs we hate to pay for the things we bought which we don’t need, for believing we have the right to use non-humans as we see fit… basically for making us their slaves!

    I honestly am sick and tired of being on this planet and the only thing that’s keeping me here is the rescue cat I have left who literally showed up at my house 13 years ago and who needs me.

    If it’s up to me this will be the last time I incarnate on this awful, cruel, negative planet, ever again!!! I’m so beyond all this stupidity, illusion, deception and cruelty!

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