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Just another reason Trump sucks

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Rumour has it Donald Trump may appoint an anti-animal rights oil exec to head of the Interior Department if his campaign of oppression proves successful. It’s a move directly in-line with his brand.

Grist shares the story of Forrest Lucas, the cofounder of Lucas Oil and front runner for Interior secretary should Trump take the White House. The position would mean overseeing public land across the U.S., something people hope will be left in good hands (but let’s be honest, it’s a lesser of evils sort of “good”). When Lucas’ company isn’t making motor oil or pushing for oil and gas drilling (awful for the land he’s protect), he’s doing his part to keep dog breeders and puppy mills in business. Yup, Lucas hates puppies.

Can you picture a slicked-up oil baron stroking a dog and looking menacingly into a camera? Well, Lucas participated in a film called ‘The Dog Lover,’ in which animal rights groups are portrayed as being unfair towards people who profit off of bringing more animals in to this world. Roger Ebert called it “shamelessly manipulative,” so you know people who actually care for animals (vegans) shouldn’t be too fond of it either. You already know how we feel about domestication.

The concern here isn’t that he’ll make more corrupt movies, or make an example of puppies, but that his department would oversee endangered species and wildlife refuge efforts with the exploitation of animals in mind. But it’s not unfair to assume any non-vegan politician elected to fill the roll would do the same, even though they didn’t star in a movie. Grist calls naming Lucas for Interior a “short middle finger to the animal rights community,” and they’re not wrong. But Trump’s entire campaign is wrong, and the political world at large doesn’t care for animals one bit. Being non-vegan exploits animals just like promoting the purchase of pets does, and whoever gets the role won’t be able to change the world. We need vegan education for that

Sure, you can add this to the pile of reasons to hate, fear, or run screaming for the hills from Trump and his campaign, but let’s not forget that he has already caused a lot of hurt for our world without Lucas’ help.

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