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Yale startup fakes premium pork

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The exploitation of an animal has little to do with what they’re fed, and what they’re fed has little to do with how much the use of animals destroys our world. 

Jennifer Milikowsky launched a startup at Yale following a fellowship with the schools idea incubator. Now the founder of Walden Hill, Milikowsky’s project says it’s all about changing pigs feed in an effort to make pork products more sustainable, and to give opportunities to small farms. It just also happens to make pork with a fancier label that’s easier to pass off as a better and more expensive product, too.

The feed in question is acorns. Growing in abundance in Connecticut forests, this student was able to capitalize on the nut by convincing farmers it would make them a better product. She didn’t invent acorn-fed pork, that’s an idea from Spain, but she no doubt figured that in North American it could likely be the new grass-fed. Or deforestation-Free. Or bird-safe. None of the labels change what they’re doing, exploiting pigs.

Hiding behind the “minimal impact” label for these animals diets completely forgets the impact raising, killing, and processing their flesh has for the pigs directly and the world at large. To pretend that an animal on death row somehow has it better by eating fresh produce is laughable. And to also pretend that minimizing the effects of their diet negates the effects of using them altogether makes no sense.

The future of the meat industry is faux meat. Programs like Yale’s should be investing in new ways we can end exploitation while legitimately impacting the future of our planet, and that’s through veganism. We shouldn’t change the way we do things the wrong way, we should start doing them the right way. 

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