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Participate in #NationalHugAVegetarianDay by whispering “go vegan”

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Every day of the year you can celebrate something insignificant. According to the Days of the Year website, today is Hug A Vegetarian Day.

DOTY claims that Hug a Vegetarian Day was established by PETA, to show recognition and appreciation for those who’ve make the ‘arduous’ transition to a meat free lifestyle and suffer the slings and arrows of a society that won’t. But a cursory glance at the google results shows a checkered past for this high-holiday, as it has gone through some date changes, and even some name changes. But for all intensive purposes, let’s celebrate what we’re told to celebrate, and make the most of having a chance to lovingly sink our claws in to some vegetarians.

Since we assume vegetarians wouldn’t open up their arms to people who eat meat (why would a meat eater thank anyone for saving animals anyway) we’re sure they’d be willing to accept our hardy vegan congratulations first. We could start by giving them a gentle pat on the back while letting out a couple sarcastic ‘there-there’ coos as they explain how hard it is to have to pick off the meat from a cheese pizza. The embrace might last long enough for them to even explain how frustrating it is to be called pescetarian when they don’t like the taste of fish. That’ll be about all the hugging you can handle without going full boa-constrictor.

This is when #EducateAVegetarianEveryDay will come in handy. You can tell them why the dairy industry is the meat industry. You can explain how many lives are cost for them to eat eggs. You can even explain how the cumulative purchases of body products, clothing, and entertainment isn’t negated by all the animals they “save” by suffering with a salad. They should already have a strong connection to not harming animals, so it should be easy to understand that their actions are still contributing to the exploitation and deaths of many. 

Then, you can switch over to #HowDoIGoVegan, and show them that they’re capable of handling change because it brings joy, not sacrifice. You can tell them it’s animals that are the victims and are deserving of our attention, not us. And you can promise all the hugs they can handle, if they see the necessity for their full participation in ending exploitation, and not only going halfway. 

 The popularity of veganism in the mainstream means not having to take a pitstop at vegetarianism along the way to change. Animals need us to reject all forms of exploitation, and anything less suggests they’re not all equally worthy of our support. Supporting each other to fight the vegan fight is what we should all be hugging about.

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