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Mom can’t get a grip when it comes to her vegan son

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Is there anything more upsetting for a mother than finding out her son has come down with morals?

The Ottawa Citizen ran a piece called “An omnivore mom comes to grips with her eight-year-old vegan son,” and it’s about as bizarre as it gets. It details the story of mum Megan Gillis and how she can barely handle her son Leo’s transition to veganism. She selfishly recounts how she found herself in this scenario, after his young mind was able to comprehend the hypocrisy of visiting a fish market after a trip to the aquarium. The final push came from a thumb-to-throat gesture Leo’s father jokingly made when the question of what happens to dairy cows and egg-bearing chickens came up. Thus, these parents were thrust in to the world of raising a vegan and promptly began praying on a pound of bacon that it was just a phase.

Megan’s struggle with what is clearly an ethical obligation for Leo is not unlike how any mother would handle bad news regarding their child. She selfishly considers whether animal products can be “forced” on children like flu shots and bike helmets, and asserts that a life without one particular brand of cheese is not worth living (thankfully, she doesn’t put her son out of his misery). But she talks to a couple of knowledgable people to make sure her Leo’s arms won’t fall off from eating trail mix, and gets the info that he can actually be healthier than some of his classmates if she provides him a healthy, vegan diet. Still, she doubts how successful a family dinner can be without ceremoniously gnawing at pork chops together, as if that’s a caveat for whether or not she allows this to continue. 

In the end, Megan almost shows us she’s ready to accept her son’s choices, as she makes Leo and his pals a vegan birthday cake. However, the guest appearance of her plucky son Miles proves she still doesn’t understand, as she celebrates his exclamation of being a “meatarian” (and plays obvious favourites). We can’t be the only ones rooting for Miles to follow in his big brother’s footsteps when he hits eight-years-old, although we’re not sure Megan could handle it.

With younger generations cluing in to animal exploitation more quickly than their long brainwashed parents, we can only hope more parents are going to find themselves stuck with vegan children. After all, it’s a refreshing change from all the kids that have veganism forced on them.

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