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Let’s not make non-bovine dairy a part of our future

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You’ve probably heard that if you’re not a baby cow, you don’t need cow’s milk. Well, let us echo that sentiment and say that unless you’re a baby camel, moose, or reindeer, you don’t need the milk of those animals either. We’ve been over this before.

But Munchies still chose to do an expose on non-bovine dairy milk, with the help of food science professor Dr. Young W. Park. Dr. Park is the cofounder of CapriDairyWorld, a nonprofit organization dedicated to pushing goat milk, so we’re not surprised this whole piece ends up being one big ad.

Dr. Park is excited to talk about the non-bovine animals we wrongly steal milk from, like goats, sheep, buffaloes, mares, camels, yaks, reindeer, sows, llamas, and even some polar bears, seals, and whales are thrown in to the mix. The alternatives are explored for their carbon footprints, sustainability, and some far-out health claims like reindeer dairy promising to cure frostbite or camel milk fighting the mumps. Whether or not you can wrap your mind around these claims, what’s certain is that as usual, what’s best for the animals isn’t considered- even though that’s also what’s best for us and our planet. 

Sure, a stat on how cow’s are responsible for 150 billion gallons of methane each day is included to sway readers to the non-bovine varieties, but the effects of raising other animals for dairy is left out (save for saying goat’s eat grass more gently). The breeding, imprisonment, rape, and murder associated with stealing the milk of any animal doesn’t change, nor does the use of crop, water, and land necessary for raising livestock. They’re still not our mums, and we still don’t need their milk. This feels likes like a big step back, and not a look ahead to our future. 

The future of dairy isn’t to abandon the use of one animal in favour of another. The future is vegan, and in making choices that give all animals their due freedom while lessening our impact on the world and ourselves at large. There are more than enough non-dairy alternatives on the market for us all to feel sated, so we can all stop sourcing our cereals companion from common and exotic animals.

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