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Dating survey says vegetarians will date anyone, but most won’t date them

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Apparently more people would rather ask for a table for one, than dine alongside a vegetarian.

Global News shared the results of an EliteSingles dating survey, in which 77% of meat eaters said that if given the ultimatum by a dater to eat vegetarian, they’d rather spend their night arm in arm with a steak. More surprising than that, vegetarians had a huge approval rating for the opposite, with 90% saying they’d endure meat-breath to date a non-vegetarian. Why? It’s a backwards display of ethics, with vegetarians being stereotyped to care about animals much more than they do. Hey, after all, they still use them.

Psychologists compare inter-diet dating to inter-faith dating in the article, but neglect the fact that vegetarianism isn’t typically comprised of the high morals projected on of those declining animal proteins (again, they still use animals). If the distinction was clearly made between vegetarians and vegans in this survey, I’d expect the scales to tip so vegans wouldn’t compromise their morals for who they date, and non-vegans would be more easily swayed by understanding the morals of a possible suitor. But y’know, non-vegans could also run away from us as quickly as we’d run from them. 

The survey also showed that when asked nicely (soft voices and puppy eyes presumably), close to half of meat eaters would be willing to go “semi”-vegetarian for their love. One-third would also hold off on tearing in to animal flesh in front of their partner, too. Oh, the things we sacrifice for love. They don’t ask vegetarians if they’d abandon meat-free living for their beaus, but if they’re willing to date them, who knows.

Rather than demanding someone we fancy make a simple diet change, or hoping they’ll reduce their intake to appease us, I think it’s time we started prioritizing dating people who understand and mirror our ethical positions. Keep the compromising for hobbies and haircuts.

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