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‘The World’s Greatest Food Fight’ pits Vegan against Paleo

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Tristate Update shares that Power Up Your Health, a radio show dedicated to wellness, is having a social media contest to see if which diet is better for us; paleo or vegan (*cough* plant-based *cough*). Glove up!

Host Ed Forteau told TU, “on my radio show, the most popular topic is nutrition, and the most passionate group of guests have always been people that follow a paleo or vegan diet. We thought it would be fun to bring these two groups together and battle it out in a playful way. What people will find out, from participating in the food fight, is that these two groups have more in common than you think.” In this case, Forteau is referring to the health benefits of each diet, something our fellow oreo-loving vegans might not relate to.

The quest for the most enviable waistline might be shared by dieters of all sorts of categories, but being on team vegan means much more than what’s piled on our plates at the buffet. This competition completely ignores the morality of veganism, and is way off in making comparisons between fundamental justice and getting ripped.

Perhaps even more upsettingly, this challenge looks to raise awareness for the American Heart Association, and claims to want to influence thousands of people to make healthier food choices. Naturally, we’re confused as to why the relationship between red meat (ring leader of team Paleo) and heart disease is being ignored. The American Heart Association already agrees that plant-based diets result in lower incidents of heart disease, so it’s going to be incredibly unethical for them to recommend people eat Paleo throughout this series (win or no win).

The best case scenario here is for team vegan to be recognized as much more than just the healthiest option for dieters.

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