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This Pig Truck Accident Should Make Us Question Use, Not Treatment

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People were devastated to hear the news of a truck containing pigs that tipped over on a road in Halton, Ontario this morning. The services of a truck accident lawyer may be required for justice to be served. Unfortunately, the treatment of pigs was the obvious highlight.

CBC reported that approximately 160 pigs were on their way to the infamous (and eerily named) Fearmans Pork Plant this morning, when the driver caused the single vehicle accident. Twitter photographs and live Facebook video streams caught the chaos as the pigs cried out for help and a crew of workers attempted to re-load them.

With The Pig Trial still fresh in the minds of residents, news is spreading from the perspective of how pigs are mistreated in transit. While the timing is oddly in-line with arguments made in the trail, it’s important to remember that animal-use regulations don’t help animals. When the media highlights the inefficiency and current procedures for how these pigs are treated, the non-vegan public takes away that animal welfare laws are what need to change, and not animal use altogether.

If what we want is to never see a pig in distress like this again, vegan education is what we should be promoting. The pigs that endured this experience aren’t worse off than the pigs on all the trucks we haven’t seen flipped over. It’s understandable to be shocked and frightened by what has happened, but it makes it all the more important to help relate the pain felt by bearing witness to this situation to our need for veganism.

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  • AlpineJim

    Non-vegans being upset over the truck accident is yet more evidence that people are primarily emotional, not rational. If emotion and rationality were equally present, people would easily be upset enough about their exploitation and slaughter to be adamantly vegan.

    Empathy is the substance of morality; reason gives empathy form and consistency.

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