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New milk marketing shows the desperation of dairy farmers

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We all know milk has fallen from the hot list to the not list. So what can the Dairy Farmers of Canada do? Throw money at an “edgy” new marketing campaign.

Ad Week shares the collaboration of a Toronto marketing team, DDB,  and Dairy Farmers in which an Apple style parody releases a new milk glass. They beg the question “how can you improve a glass of milk?” And our only logical response is “remove the animal from it,” but they only remove the animal from the conversation. 

They lay out the humour as being that it’s a regular glass and that drinking milk doesn’t need to be improved upon, but end up hilariously showing a duality in that there’s nothing revolutionary or forward thinking when it comes to milk. It’s like they know their product sucks, and that they need to divert the attention elsewhere. Putting smiling cows on green pastures is no longer cutting it.

“Parodying popular new product launches, this provocative new approach uses humor and science to break through to get people thinking about milk and drinking it more often,” DDB’s executive creative director Paul Wallace told Ad Week. Good to know that despite the evidence against the benefits of drinking milk, we’re still trying to trick people into fantasizing about it. If provocative and scientific was what they were really going for, I think they could have gone with a glass that was a little less figuratively rose-tinted, that shows milk drinkers what really goes into their beverages.

Get on the non-dairy milk bandwagon, and go vegan.

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