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Tomato sushi is coming to NYC, and it’s better than tuna

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Sorry kappa maki, vegan sushi just got an upgrade.

In Habitat reports that NYC’s Fresh&Co health food chain is serving up vegan tuna made from tomatoes. Four new menu items have been created through a partnership with the Tomato Sushi brand; an aloha salad, a poke salad, a collard-green wrap and a togarashi-yuzu bowl.


Are you still wondering what tomato tuna is? Certified Master Chef and Tomato Sushi creator James Corwell, crafts this imitation food using Roma tomatoes, soy sauce, vinegar, water, and some proprietary secrets. The result is described as having a “meaty, savory, taste and texture [and is] a remarkably rich-tasting, substantial, balanced food product that’s very sushi-like when combined with rice.”

Corwell created this vegan treat in an effort to produce sustainable tuna alternatives, to combat the magnitude of tuna being fished. With an estimated 90% of all large predatory fish (including tuna) depleted, Corwell decided he could satisfy the public’s appetite for tuna without further endangering the health of our oceans and its habitats. We’re sure tuna are appreciative, too, even if he forgot about them.

Now vegan sushi lovers can swap exploitation for peace, and mercury for lycopene.

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