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Rewards in animal cruelty cases further speciesism

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Welfarist organizations love paying for publicity.

Review Journal shared that PETA has paired up with the Nevada Political Action for Animals to offer a whopping $6000 US dollars for information about the person or persons involved in the torture and hanging of a cat in Las Vegas. That information, they hope, will lead to an arrest that will make streets safe for cats again. It’s a hefty price to pay for one less animal exploiter in a society overrun with them, but it will ensure stakeholder support from all the cat lovers.

The intention is to reward people for bringing animal abusers to justice, which in this case could be four years in jail. But what it does instead is make the murder of a single cat appear to outweigh the daily slaughter of millions. By this logic, hurting a cat is $6000 worse than hurting a cow, chicken, or pig. When the public sees this bounty on someone’s head, they are further taught to believe that they can remain comfortable with their brand of exploitation, as long as they don’t hurt cats and donate to charities. 

When we recognize that all exploitation is wrong, and that all animals are deserving of freedom, this sort of scenario simply doesn’t make sense. Just imagine someone eating a steak while chasing someone else down for hurting a cat, and try not to laugh. So what could these welfare organizations spend those big bucks on? If organizations not flashing cash was an option, that. But actually helping those in need might be a good start by way of just supporting shelters and sanctuaries, instead of attempting to get more of the wrong attention

We don’t need money to change how people see animals though, we need veganism. Making one new vegan would save a lot more animals than putting one cat killer behind bars.

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