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Vegans take the hit for another negligent parent

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People won’t let go of the idea that vegan parents are incompetent.

The Washington Post reports that a women in Pennsylvania is facing charges of negligence after feeding her 11-month old son nothing but infrequent servings of fruit and nuts. Without even delving further into the details, red flags regarding proper nutrition for an infant should come to mind.

Would people feel better if the child had been given sparse meals of string cheese and chicken breast, and succumbed to malnutrition that way? Of course not, but there’d be no news piece saying “carnivore faces charges of child endangerment.” Seems the recent buzz out of Italy has become infectious propaganda.

The Washington Post points out how it’s possible to have healthy vegan children, as they have before, but that doesn’t change the fact that the message that veganism isn’t a safe choice, is still circulated. The mother in question is painted as being “proud,” and wanting to survive on nothing more than “water and sunlight.” How predictable.

We already know that vegan children can thrive with their non-vegan peers, and that the information we should be spreading is that of education, not delinquency. We can all go on “forcing our beliefs” on the next generation confidently, when we stop being told it’s impossible.

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  • Dylan Wentworth

    As I commented at wapo, that piece has been posted all over the internet relaying it from a third party media outlet. There are no official statements, and nothing from the mother. Just hearsay and comments from the ex-husband. Yeah, I can’t imagine why an ex- would ever say anything but truthful things. Sloppy, shoddy, unbalanced and it comes across as a paid puffpiece by the meat industry

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