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Uh-oh…pork producers are using robots to push their propaganda

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We’ve been warned about the possible side effects of artificial intelligence, but not this.

Meat + Poultry reports that The National Pork Board has unleashed a pork bot on the world. Visiting the Pork Be inspired Facebook page, and shooting over “hi” in a message, now connects people to a robot who will give out a catalogue of pork-based recipes. It’s true, they’re using our beloved platform to send out propaganda….again. There’s no telling which food a robot could be telling us to eat next. If a robot is reading this, type 01101111 00100000 01010110 01100101 01100111 01100001 01101110 if they’re hurting you. 


It didn’t understand “I don’t eat animals” or “do you have tofu recipes?” either.

Okay, so the pork bot isn’t too different from an ad, video, or group that glorifies serving up animals for dinner. Even the technology isn’t too futuristic. But the real interesting part lies in the boards desperation to get people consume pork more regularly, as if the bacon-craze has somehow slowed. Pamela Johnson, director of Consumer Communications said; “We’re not only talking about special dinners or big parties. We also mean simple, weekday slices of our busy lives where tasty pork can play a part in helping us to appreciate the every day.” Nothing says a regular Tuesday evening like interacting with a robot online, following it’s orders to slaughter an animal, and ritualistically grubbing-down as we catch up our favourite popular program. If this is the future, we want out.

I guess it’s time vegans begin developing our own automatons, but might I suggest something closer to the Transformers variety than a Facebook ad?

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