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Five super scary vegan costume ideas for Halloween

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We’ve all been cats, vegetables, and hippies for Halloween already (and maybe in our day to day lives), so it’s time we up the ante with our vegan costumes. Heaven forbid one of us wears their narwhal onesie for a second year. Check out the easy DIY ideas below, guaranteed to spook both the vegan and non-vegan audience at your 2016 monster mash.  

A Chipotle Burrito with a Stray Piece of Meat

There’s little as scary as biting into a burrito, savouring the mashup of Mexican spices, and discovering seconds later that you’ve accidentally ingested meat. So wrap yourself in tinfoil, stick pieces of faux meat to your face, and see how many vegans run the other way before you assure them it’s not real. For the actors, choke and pretend to be suffering long after you’ve swallowed the pretend non-vegan item. And if you want to scare non-vegans instead, do the same thing but with tofu in place of faux meat.

An Abolitionist Vegan

Print out any current Ecorazzi article, tape it to your chest, and spend your night telling people why they’re wrong. But be aware, dressing like an abolitionist is as scary for the costume wearer as those who observe it. You’ll likely be called every name in the book, and will have nonsensical rebuttal blog posts and Facebook comments written about you long past the 31st. This can be an easy group costume, too, if you feel like surrounding yourself with some abolitionist zombies!


Freddy had claws, Jason had a machete, but vegans know barbecues are some seriously deadly weapons. Paint yourself a grill and some super convincing fake flames, and see if guests want to know what it’s liked to be cooked for dinner. Cackle frequently, and invite the vegans in the room to join you for a barbecue without allowing them to bring hummus.

A Vegan Extremist

Scare the daylights out of vegans and non-vegans alike by dressing up like the vegan extremists we always hear are lurking about (not to be mistaken with the also extreme abolitionist). This doesn’t take much effort, you can actually roll out in your regular duds. Just make sure you request that party goers consider eating vegan candy over non-vegan, offer them some free vegan candy, and smile wide. Guaranteed to totally freak people out. 


First, get yourself some chart paper and a laser pointer. Then, write down the number of land animals killed each year for food, the rate at which our forests are disappearing, the likelihood of developing heart disease from meat consumption, and your overall prediction for doomsday on Earth (I’m going with February 11th, 2021). Use your laser pointer to show people the facts, and blind those who don’t want to look. Bonus: reminding people that their death is just a burger away is a total icebreaker!

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