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They studied which U.S. cities have the most vegan options, and we’re moving

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When it comes to setting down roots, having the most vegan options is a heavy contender.

Priceonomics teamed up with Datafiniti to analyze more than 18,000 U.S. restaurants that either self-identify as offering vegan cuisine, or which have “vegan” in their names. Predictably, the team found that big metro areas offer the most vegan restaurants. But per capita, small western cities and college towns brought some competition, too, by way of offering the most options by population. 


So while Allentown falls to the bottom of the list, New York (563!?), LA, and San Francisco took the top spots for metros with the most vegan options. But when vegan-friendly restaurants were studied against resident populace, Portland and Seattle joined San Fran in offering the greatest numbers. 


The analysis shows that big cities have the most options, but vegans in mid-size metro areas are likely to face the least competition when it comes to finding a table. That’s how Sante Fe, Bend, and Eugene topped the last list, below, too.


More vegan options can be seen where there are more vegans, it’s a no brainer. But whether or not you’re looking to settle down or travel through these cities, you can’t help but wonder how many of hundreds of options available you can try at once. And people still argue that vegan food isn’t convenient?

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  • Dylan Wentworth

    It would be a handy comparison if it was anywhere near accurate.
    There is absolutely nowhere near that many vegan restaurants in any of those cities.

    • AllVegan

      I have to agree, i live in Boulder and there are only 3 vegan restaurants here. There are more which offer vegan options but those are not “Vegan Restaurants” I wish we had 19.

    • jnthn

      It says “Offering vegan dining options,” so it is quite misleading.

  • mellah124

    I wish they went a step further and provided a listing of the restaurants.

  • GreensnBeans

    So maybe “have a baked potato” or “green salad, no dressing” is a vegan option….

  • Saryta Rodriguez

    I think more common than the it’s-not-convenient excuse is the I-can’t-afford-it/I-can’t-access-it excuse. This article overlooks that entirely. It’s great that there are so many vegan restaurants springing up everywhere, but not everyone can afford to eat at a restaurant every night. Not everyone has a car or lives in a place with good public transportation, and some people work 10-12-hour days and cannot leave their shifts to go eat dinner. These are the kinds of problems we should be focusing on: increasing access to and affordability of fresh produce, nuts, grains, etc.– not pretending going vegan is easy for everyone because restaurants.

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