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Trump thinks animals firebombed a GOP headquarters

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We already think the Democratic Donkey and the Republican Elephant would prefer to be left out of this election.

Trump took to Twitter to blame animals for the recent firebombing of the North Carolina GOP headquarters, one of many Trump messages the twitter bird likely shuttered at. And while we know “animals” was just another in a long list of insults he’s thrown at Clinton and everyone in his path, we can imagine Trump honestly believing that animals could be responsible for trying to impact the results of this race to our doomsday.

Though Trump could have gone with beastly, zoological, or maybe anything that had to do with human beings instead, he chose to show his clear speciesist bias, and knee-jerk accusation tendencies instead. We honestly just don’t see an animal working on behalf of Clinton, even with the ridiculous Humane Society backing she has. Believe it or not, that partnership did not grant her the Disney princess qualities to bewitch animals into doing her bidding. Nope, we’re pretty sure humans are to blame for this mess as usual. 

The Orange County headquarters were burned to a crisp, but some democrats have already come to the Republican’s aid, raising over $13,000 for repairs on GoFundMe. Now that’s the sort of good deed we’d expect from an animal. 

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  • AllVegan

    Clearly it was squirrels that are responsible. People are saying that Squirrels are furious because Trump is F-ing nuts!

    • vegan truth seeker

      I’m not a fan of mr. Trump nor do I like him but mrs. Hillary is not who the mainstream media is desperately trying to say she is to the american people…

      go to youtube and type

      Shocking Footage: Media Caught Covering Up Clinton’s Ongoing Looting Of Haiti

      and watch a video showing how allegedly the Clinton foundation is receiving millions in donations to help the Haitian people and how that money isn’t getting there!
      I’m not a fan of the host nor of the show responsible for the shooting of that video but the claims of those who are on the ground helping the Haitian people leave no space for doubt.

      Also check out ‘project veritas’, go to youtube and type

      Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

      and watch an undercover journalist unveil how DNC is allegedly responsible for inciting violence at mr. Trump rallies; then watch the 2nd video that allegedly proves that fraud is being committed in the election process.

      draw your own conclusions…

      and unfortunately I can’t think of one politician worldwide who actually is an ethical vegan 🙁

      • AllVegan

        Your comments would be funny if they weren’t so sad. 88 percent of Clinton Foundation money’s go to charitable work. Only 12 percent is used for overhead. They spend only 2.00 per 100.00 received for fundraising Which means that only 10% is used for administration. The Clinton’s receive no compensation from the Foundation. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of people are alive today because of the work of the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation is a direct action charity and gives very little of its money out as grants. Some group in Haiti claiming they didn’t get their share should call into question the motives of that group not the Clinton Foundation

        a James O’keefe video? really! Having seen the footage of the “violence” at Trump rallies, including the incitement of violence from the stage. It is hard to imagine that it is a DNC plot. But if that were the case, why are Republican protesters not getting beat up at Clinton rallies?

        “unfortunately I can’t think of one politician worldwide who actually is an ethical vegan :(”

        You said it all in the first 4 words of this quote. However, there are plenty of vegan politicians here in the U.S. and around the world including the husband of the Democratic candidate,

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