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Breaking News: Two non-vegans try vegan food and survive

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When will eating vegan food no longer be considered edgy content for non-vegan bloggers?

You’ve likely read “watch me try and fail to go vegan” diet blogs a number of times at this point. This week, Grist and Men’s Fitness jump on the bandwagon, and make us want to gnaw at our keyboards with frustration.

Over at MF, a self-proclaimed lifelong carnivore loads up on tofu for two weeks, and decides he’s still a steak guy. Along the way, he’s happy to teach us that vegan food can be oats swimming in syrup, 1000 calorie restaurant binges, and that the only solution for being forced into social situations that breed conformity is to blame veganism. While I understand that his viewpoint is from wanting to get jacked, “education” on what vegans need to do should never come from someone trying it out. You don’t need to cook in bulk, even though it’s practical. You are totally capable of doing the same things at the gym, eating this way doesn’t make you instantly shed a layer of your muscular anatomy (generally just mental). The author is *shocked* to feel fine at the end of it, busting the fatigue myth and little else. Way to go! I suggest you check out Torre Washington for better fitspo.

For our Grist author, the party is just starting. Lifelong meat lover redundantly graces this title again, as one women sets out to see if she can go vegan for thirty days without going crazy (and I won’t even get into the problems with that). Watch and find out if upping the ante by two more weeks, 48 weeks short of what vegans do yearly, will take someone OVER THE EDGE! The real hypothesis put forward is whether or not there’s a feeling of restriction with eating this way, and if it’s possible to overcome. With the Impossible Burger as her first taste of this move to boldly go where countless others have gone, I can’t help but feel like the question was already answered. I’m already bracing myself for the shocking conclusion where one of two things happens; 1) she doesn’t decide to go vegan, but feels she understands why people do it because it’s not that restrictive or 2) she doesn’t decide to go vegan, but feels she’ll never understand why people do it because it is restrictive. Riveting.

On my wish list of things people who fantasize about veganism would do, not talking about going vegan or advising others on whether or not it’s worthwhile before they really understand it would be number one. There is more than enough out there to confuse people on the topic already, and this additional chatter is just further perpetuating that it takes being put up to a challenge to make the change.

The reason we attempt to forgo animal products, or click the links to witness how someone else fared taking it on, is because we already know going vegan is the right thing to do. The secret is, it’s easier and more enjoyable than anyone leads on. 

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