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Vegans who campaign against fur are upset that Aritzia is using fake fur but real down

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You know how we won’t shut up about how ineffective single issue campaigns are, including the ones against fur? Well, let this be a further illustration of why.

On Facebook, vegans are losing it over the publicity of a winter coat from Aritzia, that features vegan fur and “responsibly sourced goose down.” Naturally, people think it’s absurd that the company is proud to highlight that it’s fur trim is faux, but just as proud to continue unnecessarily using animal products to make the filler. But since there’s forty years of anti-fur campaigning in the minds of the Aritzia marketing team, they think not using fur makes their products superior. They also think the Animal Welfare Code of Conduct means their down is better than the standard, too. It’s true, so much of the movement has told them that fur is the worst, and that animals being used need to be treated well, and this is the direct results of that mixed messaging.

Why aren’t anti-fur vegans proudly arguing that at least Aritzia is making baby steps? Aren’t people happy that they are following Government regulation for how they care for their geese? Where are the campaigners who are preparing to set out for 40 years of anti-down protesting? Everyone is quick to fire back on what’s wrong with using any animals in the comment section, but liking, sharing, and participating in single issue campaigns has the complete opposite effect. 

Without a clear, consistent, and abolitionist vegan message, we’re sure Aritzia won’t be the only ones to make the grave mistake of celebrating less exploitation and expecting vegans to be excited about it.

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  • Tom Vader

    Because if one party wants ‘Some’ and the other party wants ‘Less’, eventually you always end up with ‘More’. You have to continue to advocate for ‘None’ to end up with ‘Less’, and hopefully eventually ‘None’.
    There can be no compromise when the argument is binary. ‘Some’ and ‘None’ are mutually exclusive.

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