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If you only want a less-cruel turkey industry, you don’t give a shit about turkeys

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When will animal rights groups give the whole “humane” thing a fucking break?

Langley Advance posted a story on Mercy for Animals latest bullshit crusade, in which they filmed the tragic slaughter of turkeys at Lilydale Food Products in Canada. Brutal video was released of turkeys being scalded alive, having their heads ripped off, and being electrified, all standard industry practices according to government regulations (and a statement by the exploiters). Yet somehow, the message being laid out is basically “lets make this less gruesome, but go ahead and keep it going.”

Less-cruel animal welfare policies don’t change that turkeys die. If MFA was concerned about our feathered friends, they wouldn’t work with meat producers to make their products more appealing to the same people who watch their torture-porn. Because that’s exactly what happens- they masquerade as turkey heroes briefly only to turn around and promote turkey killers who kill more “nicely.” Would a video of a slaughterhouse worker using the CAS system they’ve suggested, which replaces oxygen in their cages with non-poisonous gas to knock ‘em out before they mutilate them, look better? I bet the gore would still shock people who haven’t seen where their food comes from; the sight of piles upon piles of lifeless bodies would be no more appealing. But apparently, it should be enough to let our consciences rest long enough to get through another turkey dinner.

There’s more than enough out their promoting the use of animals already- can’t animal rights activists agree to be the ones who say stop it and mean it? We don’t have to see it, because we know that there’s no kind, fair, or excusable way to raise and kill a living being. Looking to the courts won’t change the customers, and we know they have the control over industry truly. We need vegans who help people say fuck that to killing not because it’s gruesome, but because it robs someone of their life. Celebrating the firing of slaughterhouse employees, asking for donations, and basking in the spotlight of the attention it garners is keeping these shit-show charades going. This is exactly why we need grassroots veganism, and we need it now.

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