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Alec Baldwin wants turkey-less Thanksgiving, ignores other animals

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Time was eager to share Alec Baldwin’s work advocating for Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt a Turkey project, even though it inappropriately puts the spotlight on only one of the cruel Thanksgiving traditions we are told to participate in (not to mention the holiday itself). We need to advocate for veganism, not just to cut out one animal product once a year.

Baldwin attempts to relate people to how a turkey can have dog-like characteristics, and makes himself seem more down to earth by talking about how he too doesn’t like to think about things that make him feel bad. But apparently, donating $30 will help clear that icky-feeling, and we can cover our eyes to people serving up other animals as the main course and various sides. We know turkeys get all the attention, but that doesn’t mean we should further ignore other animals. 

The donated money goes towards supporting the life of six turkeys living out their days at one of the three Farm Sanctuary shelters in New York and California (no new turkeys are actually adopted). But as Baldwin points out, 46 million turkeys are served up a year – many more than any one charity could begin to tackle. The fact that the campaign is in it’s thirtieth year with turkey being no less popular shows it’s clear inefficiency at helping change societies perspective.

No less turkeys would be saved if Baldwin and Farm Sanctuary asked people to go vegan, and many more animals would. Not for a meal, not for a holiday, but forever. It would mean people not celebrating with the animal-laden gravy, stuffing, and the other items we’re told are required to be festive. Helping people pat themselves on the back for passing up a serving of animal products once in a blue moon is no different than Meatless Monday, reducetarianism, or any other campaign that takes people further from veganism because they think they’re doing enough already. We need to stop outsourcing action to others, and make the change in our own lives. 

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  • kendrick1

    No one is forcing Baldwin to eat turkey!

    • DiogenesDespairs

      Alec Baldwin IS a turkey.

      • kendrick1

        A turkey hole!

  • Charles_Higley

    First, the animals that have endeared themselves to humanity are the winners in this world. When we colonize other planets and star systems, they will go with us. They are the winners. Feel sorry for the other species who will be left behind. As long as we and all other Earth species are on one planet, we are all in danger of extinction from above.

    Secondly, veganism is basically long term malnutrition for most. It is quite difficult to eat a truly balanced diet. We evolved as >95% carnivore as, until the agricultural revolution, fruits and vegetables were only available in late Summer and Fall.

    In particular, we are set up to convert carbohydrates into fat, just as bears do in the Fall as they fatten up for hibernation. We, too, had to fatten up to survive the winter. We were never meant to have grains and starches and sugars available all year round, which is why we are getting fat. One caramel candy is enough sugar to suppress fat metabolism for two hours. Kids drink sugared drinks all day long. If they were not as active as most of them are, they would all be fat. Nope, more meat, more saturated fat, more cholesterol and hold the starches and vegetable oils, both of which we were never meant to eat much of.

  • Sam Pyeatte

    I do not know what makes movie stars think they can guide us heathens to do their biding. I really do not care if Baldwin eats turkey or not – we will, and it is none of his business.

  • Vindaloo Bugaboo

    If Alec Baldwin is a vegan, his looks are evidential that he should not be the face of espousing the lifestyle.

  • DiogenesDespairs

    Save an animal: Eat a vegan.

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