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Boycotting kangaroo fur will change nothing

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Another day, another animal rights campaign that ignores veganism.

Sunday World reports that the Australian branch of PETA has decided to target Gucci in their latest campaign. Although the Italian brand has made their fame through immeasurable animal use, apparently we are to draw the line at kangaroo fur.

The brand released kangaroo fur lined boots in their fall and winter collections of 2015, but apparently now is the time for people to shun it because a handful of popular celebs have been seen wearing them (thanks, Kendall). Again, we’re telling people not to do something that people don’t commonly do (drop huge dollars on fur boots), and ignoring the more common forms of animal use (like say, eating a burger). But as usual, the speciesist message catapults the lives of kangaroos ahead of all others lost to the designer line or otherwise, calling them majestic and their use inhumane.

Seriously, it’s the same story with a different animal to decorate the protest poster boards with. They will only succeed at having consumers convinced that avoiding the kangaroo boots means the leather ones are better. People will continue blindly supporting the use of fur from other animals, the wool, and the silks without any idea that those animals are just as deserving of freedom as kangaroos – because we can’t have single issue campaigns for each and every animal (only the majestic ones). Without the moral messaging that clearly conveys that veganism is the only way to end the unjust exploitation of animals, consumers will continue compartmentalizing which cruelty remains acceptable, and which taboo. Campaigns against fur don’t work, and until we use our time to promote vegan education, nothing will change. 

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