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Dairy farmers are rude on Facebook, reflect the industry

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Facebook has a reputations for airing out dirty laundry.

Stuff reports that following some crude comments, welfarists are demanding an independent watchdog take over animal welfare responsibilities from the Ministry for Primary Industries. Comments made on a dairy farming Facebook group, and the alleged animal abuse they detailed, have people focusing on the wrong thing yet again.

Chat about cow fannies, electric dildos, and leg rope restraints paint an ugly picture of the lives of dairy cows. But rather than opposing their use, activists have their pitchforks turned to the damage that can be done to cows, and an industry that’s supposed to have cow’s best interest in mind (while still using them, of course). It’s almost like trying to hide the disgusting truth (these comments) from consumers, and protecting the farmers from making further welfare mistakes that would kill off their cows prematurely. Pretty backwards.

People are not pleased that these comments have not been fully investigated, but do we really need a welfare inspector to verify the disgusting standard practices in dairy? Albeit they chose crass terminology, artificial insemination, confinement, and death are part of the process. Subsequently, we shouldn’t be concerned with whether or not they’re following the unjust standards that have been laid out for this system – we should instead be advocating for veganism, and not supporting even the “best” kept cows. The mob thinks the number of inspectors for welfare on farms is inadequate, too. Again, a telling sign that the treatment of animals is the only concern, and not their use.

One dairy company, Fonterra, has claimed to have disciplined their involved employees – likely a stern reminder that the practices of the dairy industry should not be shared on Facebook, for fear of negative publicity like this. Those truly concerned for the plight of cows should try posting about veganism instead.

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  • The public is stupid. They still think that violence is not involved in the use of non-human animals. Apparently, wanting to make filming what’s going on inside of farms illegal doesn’t seem suspicious.
    It’s “funny” how conventions and expos to support farmers show live animals and pictures of smiley farmers next to cows but, for some reason, fail to show what is the final destiny of all farmed animals, their murder for profit.
    Because, yeah, we wouldn’t want to hurt people’s feelings by showing them the truth…

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