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It’s a heavy day, so check out this kid who dresses like Trump as a carrot

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There’s a palpable tension in the air today, or at least on our Facebook feeds as people sacrifice their friends list to post about what they’re doing with their votes today. And while there’s so much more on the line than just the two nominees, it’s everyone’s last chance to remind America how ridiculous Donald Trump is.

What started as an entry to a vegetarian film festival has become solid soft news fodder. One eccentric twelve year-old named Liam Adrian has assumed an alter ego to get his message out. It’s Ronald Grump of the Demo-Carrot Vege Party, and he’s orange, angry, and barely anymore bizarre than the real thing. A cardboard cutout, some bronzer, and a wig are in harmony with the hand gestures and lip flaps of the man we’ve all had enough of. 

Whether or not Liam likes eating vegetables, it seems he’s been paying good attention to what’s going on in the American political world, telling NewsHub:

“It just blows my mind how Donald has got that far and how America is stuck with two pretty bad candidates.”

His monicker for the other side is Celery Clinton, which means Bernie should be the tempeh wings were all three still sharing a plate…er…stage.  

American friends, if you carrot-all, go vote today. 

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