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Media more concerned if sperm is vegan, than why this woman adds it to her smoothies

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Daily Mail was delighted to share the story of women who adds spunk to her smoothies. We’re not being coy, or referring to the energy boost of a scoop of hemp seeds; she enlists the help of a male friend to down semen as part of a health and beauty ritual that is nothing shy of bizarre.

And while the thought of it might be enough to make you gag, what we can’t seem to swallow is the blatant focus on the fact this mother is a vegan. Yup, here we go again with the inappropriate conjecture that human baby gravy is non-vegan, and in summation, that all vegans are crazy, liars or just looking for a loophole.

Equating personally acquired human ejaculate to the byproducts of animals that are bred, raised, tortured, and killed for their use is downright evil. No matter how uncomfortable the thought of this breakfast is, we will not accept it as an example that lessens the exploitation of animals or the importance of veganism. Truly, it should have nothing to do with it. If this woman weren’t a vegan, the article wouldn’t be about an “omnivore mother.” There are plenty of off putting, legitimately non-vegan practices out there people are happy to ignore – let’s add this one to the list.

We’re use to the media smearing veganism, but this sensationalism has left a bad aftertaste in our mouthes. 

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