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The Animal Museum has cats and celebrities, but no veganism

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We imagine this will be the real-life equivalent to following people’s pets on Instagram.

Time Out LA reports that in the heart of the art’s district, a museum dedicated to our animal companions has opened. Aptly named The Animal Museum, the 6,000 square foot space features animals portraits and exhibits, and a much talked about show called Crazy Cat Ladies: A Celebration of Kitties and Their Champions. In the new year, Pharrell will participate in a piece on saving our oceans, Lush sponsors an examination of the history of animal treatment laws (but will still use animal products), and a whole bunch of celebrities combat Puppy and Cat Mills by posing for photographs with the most adoptable ones. It’s basically just a take on all the feel good animal stories that gets shared the most on Facebook.

“This is the first museum of its kind in the country, if not the world, to show the human-animal relationship. What we want is to empower people and encourage change,” co-founder Ellen Lavinthal told the Washington Post. What sort of change they’re trying to promote is unclear, as people are already crazy for highly marketable animals like kittens, puppies, and any opportunity to see them in the hands of stars.

It will come as no surprise that vegan advocacy of any kind has been left out from the project – likely in fear of people avoiding the space in case veganism is contagious. Instead, some exhibits will be fundraisers for single issue campaigns, and will no doubt help museum goers feel better about “helping animals” while regularly exploiting them. Even their website is hooked up with a donation button, for those who want the pat on the back and aren’t in LA.

Add to that an advisory board that includes Ellen DeGeneres, Lionel Richie, Shepard Fairey and Bret Michaels, and you’re basically some show tunes away from PETA THE MUSICAL. As always, the time spent making this showcase for animals would be much better spent helping all animals by advocating for veganism.

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