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Wilson Chandler mentions being vegan and fishing in the same breath

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There was more than one facepalm moment when getting through this interview.

Slam Online shared a chat with Denver Nuggets forward Wilson Chandler, and showed us all how little both sides understand about veganism. They literally kick if off by saying he’ll talk about “going vegan and spending time fishing” in the offseason.

When asked what inspired his choice to go vegan (which is clearly only a choice to eat plant-based), Food Inc. and GMO OMG docs are mentioned, as well an ambiguous “that connection,” that is never really flushed out (and arguably, never connected). Soon after, the tofu catfish dish at Detroit Soul Vegan restaurant is juxtaposed with discussion (and a video) of Chandler catching a huge grouper fish. No, seriously – it was like a linguistic double dribble.

We’ve said it a thousand times; eating vegan food does not a vegan make. It’s bad enough that vegans are constantly asked if they still eat fish, but if we start confusing people by acting like fishing isn’t exploitative towards fish, justice will remain a benchwarmer.

Go ahead and eat well to live well, but don’t pretend that capturing animals for sport is any less unfair than eating them is. Veganism is a total rejection of animal use, not a diet.

Photo from Roto Professor

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