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Hey, The Dodo: The future of animals and our planet is in our hands, not Trump’s

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In the crippling despair that followed last week’s U.S. presidential election, we could talk about little else with respect to animals, other than the backwards celebration of Massachusetts “yes” on minimum cage size requirements. As we’ve begun coming to grips with what can be done to halt America’s aggressive slide into hell, it’s time for the big animal rights groups to leverage the fear of animal lovers everywhere into more detrimental campaigning and support for pointless legislation. Of course, I’m talking about the deception of The Dodo.

A piece titled “Here’s What You Can Do To Save Animals Over The Next 4 Years,” is making its rounds on the web. In it there is a total disregard for the power of grassroots activism and fire of personal power that leads to meaningful change. Not to mention that the article is also an intentional middle finger to veganism because it ignores it entirely.

The article begins by sounding alarms for the fate of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Bureau of Land Management, the Department of the Interior and the U.S. Department of Commerce, which the author alleges have vast control over the fate of all animals. The mystical power that these government bodies possess is none other than the ability to enforce or ignore things like the Animal Welfare Act, the Endangered Species Act, and other laws that remain in the interest of business first. So when the author begins speaking of rising sea levels, climate change, and the things no one elected official can control, why doesn’t the real, immediate solution of veganism come up? Animal agriculture is a well-known heavy hitter for all the woes of Earth, after all. Well, they wouldn’t want to take donation money away from themselves or their corporate allies, would they?

Cue a cute photo of dogs hugging, and the distraction can be underway again.

The Dodo, in essence, asks us not to fight with the power of our own decisions, purchases, and voices. Instead, it recommends that we lie down so the real superheroes can perform: animal rights organizations like The Animal Legal Defense Fund, Born Free USA, The Humane Society of the United States, and a dozen others. Indeed, like their standard “How to Help” page, the prevailing solution for making a threat to animals go away is to throw money at it- even when, as consumers, we’re the biggest threat of all. Will a tax-deductible receipt make people feel better about what the next four (or more) years have in store? It might, but it will most certainly allow Dodo followers to continue to support the exploitation of animals deemed unworthy, while covering it up with the veneer of helping the puppies whose “needs” are more palatable to its audience. It’s not unlike the deluded statement that Clinton would have been a bigger help to animals; although “bank accounts” would be a more honest replacement of the word “animals” in that sentence. 

What is not helping animals is focusing on bigger cages, stricter laws, and promoting that welfare is the issue instead of whether we should be using them at all in the first place. Pretending that another POTUS or another bill will bring about the freedom that animals deserve is negligent, corrupt, and frankly- heart breaking. There is only one hope in combating the fundamental injustices we perpetrate against animals, and the devastation that it brings to our environment. That sole hope is for individuals to decide enough is enough by going vegan. Understanding the moral need to free all animals, and not only the click-bait happy poster children of The Dodo or of large animal rights organizations’ campaigns, is bigger and more powerful than any ballot, receipt, or petition.

Take the power back, and stand up for animals by going vegan.

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  • Beautifully articulated Eva – appreciate you truth and wisdom that our world desperately needs to hear.

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